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Thank you for your submission to the DatabaseUSA California Consumer Privacy Act website. As required by the CCPA, listed below are:
Depending on your selection, all information that we have on file for the individual listed below will be transmitted to you and/or deleted within the next 45 days.
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DatabaseUSA collects the following categories of Consumer Information:

Categories of Personal Information Specific Specific Pieces of Personal Information
Contact Information Name, Title, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Geo-Spatial Information
Individual Information
Month & Year of Birth, Age, Education, Gender, Occupation, Ethnicity, Religion, Political Party, Veteran Present in Household
Household Information Dwelling Type, Homeowner/Renter, Length of Residence, Marital Status, Pets,
Presence of Children, Children’s Age, Number in Household, Household Size
Income / Financial Estimated Income, Estimated Net Worth, Investment Properties Owned,
Estimated Discretionary Income
Property Information Age of Home, Home Value, Square Footage, Presence of Swimming Pool,
Number of Rooms, Utilities Information
Mortgage Information Home Purchase Date, Home Purchase Amount, Loan Date, Loan Amount,
Loan Type, Interest Rate, Mortgage Amount
Donor Information Religious Donors, Political Donors, Charitable Donors
Credit Card Presence of Major Credit Cards, Gasoline Credit Cards, Department Store
Credit Cards, Premium Cards
Interests /Hobbies Art, Performing Arts, Cooking, Food, Cars, Crafts, Collectibles, Exercise,
Reading, Sports, Outdoors, Travel, Investments, Mail Order Buyer
Buying Activities Online Purchasing, Books, Crafts, Clothing, Children’s Items, Memorabilia

DatabaseUSA may have provided your data to the following categories of clients:

  • Market Research
  • Service Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Manufacturers
  • Data Analytics
  • Educational
  • Political
  • Financial
  • Retailers
  • Educational
  • Insurance
  • Health Services
  • Wholesalers
  • Government
  • Real Estate

DatabaseUSA may have provided your data to the above categories of clients for the following business or commercial purposes:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing
  • Find a Person Services
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Data Analytics
  • Navigation Services
  • Reference
  • Resale to Data Brokers

DatabaseUSA may have used these categories as a source of our data:

  • Public Records
  • Self-Reported Information
  • Directories
  • Warranty Registrations
  • Census Information
  • Subscriptions
  • Proprietary Sources